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      Forensic Expert      


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We have 40 years experience in the field of forensic Sciences and worked for various courts, Railways, Vigilance, Government agencies Police and Army. We have good reputation in the field.

Have good Laboratory with Modern facilities.


Hand Writing Identification

and Examination of  Disputed Document


Finger Print Identification


Voice Identification


Computer Crime Detection


Personality analysis by Graphology


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Hand Writing Identification :

Hand Writing Identification is a authenticated technique of Person Identification, no one can make a forged signature which can't be detected. Mental and Physical reason tells if the writing is original or forgery.  Any kind of document dispute can be solved.

Finger Print Identification

Almost every body know that it is impossible to match one persons finger print with another my self is doing practice of Identification of the same also, Finger print Identification is the basic technique of Person Identification.


Voice Identification

You can contact me for the Identification of recorded Voice, It can be proved by Voice Print If the two unknown voices are of same person or two different persons, this technique is also being used for other purposes other than Forensic Identification, How ever so far there is no law in India for Voice Identification and I am the First Indian Working on the technique for the Forensic Identification Purpose, but there are several Examples where some foreign countries courts has accepted the evidence of Voice Identification Expert Authenticated.


Computer Crime Detection

The growing use of Computers has encouraged the Tricky Mind people to exploit Computers for their personal benefit specially on the network and it causes financial and some other loss to some people, so to prevent people from doing computer crime and detection of crime on the computer and net is our job.


Personality analysis by Graphology

Graphology is the Science which can tell the characteristics of a person, It is useful to find guilty person and also for recruitment of new staff in any Office. Graphology can not predict about future but can tell about possibilities a person has in his personality and how he thinks.


Dr Ram Narayan Verma 


Expert in Forensic Sciences :

Hand Writing,  Finger Print,

Ballistics and  Medical

103 Hazaryana,  Jhansi (UP) -284002, India

Phone : 0091-517-2350157


Rajesh Verma

                         MCSE,  M.I.A.I. (USA)

 Forensic Expert :

Hand Writing,  Finger Print, Voice Identification

and Computer Crime Detection

D-002, Jansatta Apartment, Sector 9 Vasundhara,  Ghaziabad (UP) - 201012

Phone:0120-2883002,  Mobile #  :  9891047408 , 011-35005902

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